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Green Dental Building

When we undertook the remodel of the old building in 2004, our goal was to create a healthy environment for our team as well as our dental patients. So, we considered the many choices and came up with some of the things that were important to us all.

Much of our buildings interior was painted with Auro Natural Paints. We are fortunate to now find new wall finishes with no-VOC’s that also give us a beautiful interior finish.

For our flooring, we chose Marmoleum and Bamboo (with a water based clear finish).

Our interior lighting is exceptional! Actually, it’s mostly from the sun. We have a dozen Solatubes throughout the space that provide us with natural light. So, we need less interior lighting throughout our workday. We first installed all LED interior lighting in 2004. Well, that was a bit “bleeding edge technology”! But we’re happy to have found entirely new LED lighting which gives us the output we need and also the beautiful lighting and energy efficiency we desire.

We also chose to run a solar photovoltaic system on our roof. Our 65 panels gives us a 10 kilowatt system that handles much of our electric needs.

Here are website links to the items we really liked. They are all integrated into our design.

Auro USA Natural paint


SPG Solar