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Mercury Free Dentistry - Safe Removal Protocol

Our office is a mercury free office and has been for many years. We do not place mercury amalgam fillings. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has an approved protocol for removing mercury amalgam. In our practice, we chose to follow this method. You can read more with just a click - Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings. With improvements in technology and new research, we continually update and improve our methods.

Biocompatible Materials

There are many materials on the market. Patients with sensitivities and/or material concerns often ask about how to choose biocompatible materials. If your medical practitioner does not have a recommendation, we can offer information on methods of testing

Mercury Free Fillings, Crowns & Inlays

We have a variety of mercury-free dental materials to choose from.

Gluten Free - Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity

Celiac Disease is a seriously overlooked condition. We are screening our patients for Celiac Disease. Signs of trouble can be visible in the mouth. With a comprehensive oral evaluation and a complete health history, we can let you know if you should pursue testing and assistance from a doctor who specializes in this condition. For more information, see our webpage Celiac Awareness

Digital Radiography

We’ve been working with digital x-rays since 1999. We have found the benefits to be numerous. Here are three great reasons we love the technology. There is a greatly reduced exposure to radiation. And digital xrays are visible immediately - so there’s no waiting. The elimination of processing chemicals and darkrooms keep our eco-friendly building -! We also offer our patients digital panoramic x-rays as well. One scan and it takes just seconds!

CEREC - One Visit Crowns and Inlays

How can you not like this?! Cerec technology allows us to offer many of our patient the “one visit treatment”. Because we take a digital scan of the tooth, we can get a great result! Many of our patients appreciate the convenience of only one appointment.

Natural Oral Hygiene Solutions

We choose solutions that work with our holistic care. Natural products are the top choice in our practice for our patients and their variety of oral hygiene needs.

Cool Dental Products!

There are some great dental products available and you should hear it from us! Click through to see some of the products we really like!

Tom's Antiplaque Flat Floss

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Floss

Tooth & Gum by The Dental Herb Company
T&G Products

Sonicare DiamondClean
Sonicare DiamondClean

Waterpik Products
Pasted Graphic 4 Pasted Graphic 5
Waterpik Flosser and Sensonic Professional

Oxygen Ozone Therapies

More information to come...

Latex Free Dentistry

People with latex allergies will appreciate our decision to become a latex-free practice. We have used latex-free gloves for many years. Now, we are removing all latex products from our practice.

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